Grapefruit, like many citrus fruits, has a strong nutritional profile. High in vitamins C and A and various trace minerals, a single grapefruit can boost your overall nutrition. At just 100 calories for a whole fruit and with all that fiber, it's a great addition to a balanced breakfast. There are many health benefits of grapefruit, and research shows that of the various types -- white, red, and pink -- darker types contain more benefits.


1. Aids Weight Loss Goals

For dieters, the weight loss benefits of grapefruit go beyond filling fiber and low calories. There are certain chemicals in grapefruit that help boost metabolism and promote weight loss. An enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is activated by an organic compound in grapefruit called nootkatone. This activation results in energy production in your body, which burns glucose and raises your resting metabolic rate.


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