Colloidal silver is not an essential mineral for the human body according to the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. Colloidal silver products are often liquids which have tiny particles of silver. The United States government's various health agencies do not recognize silver as being beneficial to the human body. Indeed the Food and Drug Administration has taken action against companies selling colloidal silver products due to making unproven health claims. Some government agencies have however found topical colloidal silver may have health benefits. Let's explore the health benefits of colloidal silver.


1. Topical Treatment For Burns

According to the National Center For Complementary and Integrative Health agency, topical silver can be an appropriate medical use for the treatment of burns. Colloidal silver may be applied to the skin for the treatment of minor burns. One should avoid applying it to the skin in cases where the skin is blistering, or open burn wounds are present. One should wash the affected area with soap and cold water gently before applying any colloidal silver to the burn wound site.



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