Bentonite clay has been used throughout history for its healing and therapeutic purposes. Although it was first introduced to the health and wellness field centuries ago, it is still popular today, thanks to its variety of uses. You can find bentonite clay at a wide range of health and wellness boutiques, and it is also available online, so it's easy to get started with incorporating this versatile substance into your self-care repertoire. Here's an overview of the many benefits associated with bentonite clay.


1. Detoxify Your Digestive System

Bentonite clay has been shown to be effective at removing harmful toxins from your digestive system. These toxins can contribute to gastrointestinal distress and other health complications, so it is important to keep your digestive tract as clean as possible. Slowing the spread of toxins in the digestive system also helps to promote health gut bacteria, as there are no more toxins to inhibit their growth. In addition to assisting with digestive health, this also helps to boost the immune system.

Detoxify Your Digestive System


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