Basil is the king of herbs. It is in the same family tree as the peppermint plant. In fact, its leaves are often just like a peppermint plant. Basil provides many unique health benefits. Most of the health benefits of basil come from two parts of the basil plant: basil's flavonoids and volatile oils.  Studies have shown that basil's flavonoids and volatile oils each provide a multitude of health benefits. Basil is being studied all around the world today due to its unique properties. Let us explore some of the health benefits of basil, the king of herbs.


1. Has Anti-Inflammatory Effects

One of basils volatile oils, eugenol, has been the subject of extensive testing and studies. Eugenol has been shown to block the actions of an enzyme called cyclooxygenase. This is one of the same enzymes that many over the counter anti-inflammatory medications inhibit. Basil does no damage to the liver. Due to the cyclooxygenase inhibiting nature of basil, this food is considered an anti-inflammatory food.

basil extracts health benefits


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