Home remedies can be a godsend for people who are struggling with pesky problems such as acne or motion sickness. A home remedy is usually something simple, made from items around the house. These items treat minor health problems without pharmaceutical medications. Some home remedies seem obvious, like putting aloe vera on a burn. Others may seem a bit bizarre. But, it doesn't matter how bizarre a home remedy is as long as it works, right?


1. Eating Chocolate for Nausea

Eating might not be your first thought when you are feeling queasy. Surprisingly, though, eating a bit of chocolate can help to settle a nauseated stomach. The tannins in chocolate dry out your mouth, which helps to counteract the excess saliva production that happens when you are nauseous. This remedy is especially good for motion sickness, so next time you are on a cruise or a plane trip, be sure to keep a bit of chocolate in your bag!

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