Since they hit the market in 1904, tea bags have made it easy to relax with a good cuppa. People with a box of tea bags in the cupboard may not realize that they also have many health and beauty remedies right at their fingertips. Tea contains compounds that offer various health benefits and tea bags can be a budget-friendly addition to a beauty routine. People who want to reduce the number of chemicals in their home may also want to add tea bags to their cleaning and gardening supplies.


1. Soothe Sunburn

When it comes to sunburn, prevention is better than a cure, but when you forget to reapply, tea bags are one way to soothe the pain. The tannic acid and theobromines (alkaloids) in the tea help draw heat from the burn, and other compounds are believed to help repair skin damage. To use, just massage wet tea bags over the affected area. Alternatively, soak in a tea bag-infused bath to soothe sunburn in large areas or hard to reach places.

Take heat from sunburns Joel Carillet / Getty Images


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