If you want to include more vegetables in your diet, look to the sea. It is the bedding ground of hundreds of varieties of edible sea plants consumed since ancient times. Sea vegetables, often ubiquitously referred to as “seaweed,” have long been a staple of diets in coastal regions, including Asian, European, and South American countries. Sea vegetables are low in calories yet contain more nutrients than any other group of plants. Grocery and online stores make it easy to discover these exciting foods, which are often sold dried. Take a plunge into the world of sea plants you can eat.


1. Kelp

Kelp refers to more than 30 species of large brown algae that grow in cool underwater forests. The word “kelp” has been used interchangeably with “seaweed” since the 19th century. This sea plant is available dried and makes a great salt substitute or salad topping. It can also replace high-carb noodles in soups and pasta dishes.

giant green kelp sea plant Tammy616 / Getty Images

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