Blackcurrants are tart berries that grow in bunches on woody shrubs native to Europe and Asia. The berries are small, black, and glossy and are typically harvested in summer. While many people enjoy eating blackcurrants raw, others do not appreciate their tartness and prefer to enjoy them in jams and jellies. Taste aside, blackcurrants are highly nutritious and have long been popular among folk medicine practitioners. Modern researchers have begun to examine this berry’s potential, and it’s clear we could all benefit from the health benefits of blackcurrants.


1. Fight Infection

Blackcurrants take a tough stand against agents of infection. Powerful antibacterial properties and a hefty serving of vitamin C build up the immune system and help it combat common conditions like fever, cold, flu, and bacterial infection. Blackcurrants contain tannins and anthocyanin that can hinder the growth of bacteria, including those that affect the urinary tract. Be sure to enjoy blackcurrants during cold and flu season to help keep your immune system working optimally.

infection blackcurrants

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