Dextrose is a simple sugar that is chemically identical to glucose, one of the most common sugars. Generally, dextrose is the result of enzymes breaking down corn. Everything from baking products and corn syrup to IVs and oral medications contain dextrose. Many misconceptions and concerns surround this sugar. While it is generally safe, dextrose does have a few possible side effects.


1. Where to Find Dextrose

Because dextrose is a simple sugar and the body can convert it into energy very quickly, it is ideal for various medicinal uses. It has a sweetening effect, so many manufacturers use it in foods like cakes, cookies, marshmallows, and creams. Table sugar contains sucrose, which is a fusion of fructose and glucose or dextrose. Additionally, because it occurs naturally in corn, most corn products naturally contain dextrose. Generally, if a product states that it has “natural sweeteners,” it contains some level of dextrose.

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