There are poisons all around us, in our homes and everyday lives. Unfortunately, these common household poisons are too often overlooked and often affect us, our children, and our pets. Last year, the country's poison control centers reported over 2.1 million cases of adult poisoning. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 300 children visit emergency rooms every day for poisoning. The ASPCA reported more than 200,000 calls last year related to pet poisonings. By identifying the most common household poisons, perhaps we can reduce these statistics in future years.


1. Medications

The majority of adult poisoning comes from medications, and this is the third most common cause of poisoning in children under six. Most often, pain-relieving analgesics are involved. Psychotropic and anti-depressant drugs, as well as sedatives, are also high on the list, and the number includes children who take medications thinking they are candy. Medical supplies such as peroxide also account for a percentage of annual household poison deaths, as does poisoning from ingesting too many vitamins and ingesting pet medications.

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