Blue Vervain, also known as "Swamp Verbena," is found commonly throughout North America. Vervain is a small, purple flowering plant with different detoxification and stress-relieving properties. It has been shown to reduce depression and stress, stimulate the liver, lower inflammation, and protect the immune system.  Verbena hastata is a robust, hardy plant, resistant to drought, with a long history of uses in many cultures, stretching back to Roman times. The leaves, flowers, and stems are all used in decoctions, tinctures, and teas. With a potent combination of fast-acting acids and phytochemicals, Vervain is quite popular in herbal holistic healing practices.


1. Detoxify and cleanse

Vervain is reliably used as a diuretic - that is, it stimulates the production of urine in the kidneys. This process helps eliminate toxins from the body, including excess fat and salt. The diuretic properties also stimulate thirst and a craving for water, thus replenishing your body.  Use of a diuretic helps protect the kidneys and liver, responsible for the elimination of waste, from dangerous substances that may have accumulated there. Vervain may help reduce the severity of a bladder infection or cure it completely.

Detoxify and cleanse


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