Small, bright azuki beans, also called adzuki or aduki beans, are gaining popularity as the "weight loss bean". They are the central ingredient in many sweet and savory dishes, especially red bean paste. These versatile legumes can impart a unique nutty, sweet taste and a bevy of nutritional benefits on your diet. In addition to aiding weight loss, azuki beans can help control diabetes and blood pressure, optimize gut health, and stave off heart attack and stroke.


1. What are Azuki Beans?

Azuki beans, scientific name Vigna angularis, are annual vines native to East Asia and quite common in Japan, China, and other Asian nations. They are mainly red; black, white, and mottled varieties do grow in some areas. Thanks to exportation, they are available worldwide. Azukis are one of the staples of the macrobiotic diet, which encourages copious intake of legumes. Followers of this regimen regard them as the most "yang" beans, offering strength. In traditional Chinese medicine, azukis reputedly support bladder, kidney, and reproductive function.

red bean or azuki bean

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