Astragalus, known as milk vetch in North America, is also called "locoweed" by some, due to the effect it has on animals. The dried root and extract have long been used in Chinese medicine and are now enjoying popularity in the west due to their myriad healing properties. Astragalus contains flavonoids known for their anti-inflammatory properties and saponin to boost the immune system. These compounds can help treat many different illnesses. Experience the health benefits of astragalus by adding it to your diet in the form of dried root powder capsules or liquid extract.


1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is the body's response to injury. When you have an auto-immune disorder, the body can respond with excessive or unnecessary swelling and inflammation which can lead to damage of the joints and connective tissue. Choosing supplements with anti-inflammatory properties can help people with conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. The saponin and polysaccharides in astragalus have anti-inflammatory abilities and can soothe inflamed tissues and reduce pain.


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