From ancient times, crystals have been used to release physical, mental, and spiritual blockages. Crystals come from the earth, and so when they are placed on the body, they help you to connect to the healing energies of the planet, via a resonance between crystal and human. Every crystal has different properties that can theoretically benefit different body parts or symptoms, but the concept of the holistic, wherein every part of the body affects the rest of the body, must also be taken into consideration. Introduce healing vibrations to help bring your body back into balance.

Relieves Headaches

Amethyst crystals have a calming effect and bring stability and peace. They can alleviate the fatigue and exhaustion which may be the cause of a headache. Amethyst, with its purple color, has been used throughout history for its power to soothe the mind. It offers a release from tension, helps in detoxification of the body, eliminates distractions, and enhances intuition. Selenite is a soft, milky white stone with powerful qualities. It is one of the crystals used for relieving headaches because it removes blockages and enhances mental clarity. If you think of trouble as an energy blockage, selenite can facilitate its removal.



Helps with blood circulation problems

Americans today are experiencing more blood circulation and blood pressure problems than ever before. In ancient times, Bloodstone or Heliotrope was often worn as an amulet to purify the blood. When your blood flows smoothly, you remain strong and healthy. Bloodstone aids with circulation purify the bloodstream and strengthen the blood purifying organs. It not only heals these issues but boosts the immune system too. It is an all-purpose healer and cleanser. Copper also helps to prevent clots and encourage blood flow as does Red Jasper. Lapis Lazuli is another stone that helps to eliminate toxins and is also believed to lower high blood pressure.



Heals abdominal problems

Sodalite is renowned for treating intestinal problems, from cramping to stomach ache. It is quick to act when rubbed on the area of pain and helps you to feel relaxed. Fluorite is another crystal that can help you suffers from gas related issues. An excellent healing stone that benefits minor digestive disorders is citrine. It boosts your metabolism and stimulates proper digestion. Iron Pyrites also help to cleanse, calm and strengthen the digestive system. Aventurine is a helpful crystal for those who suffer from heartburn. Amber has a peaceful effect on the nervous system which can also help to relieve stomach problems related to stress.



Heals physical wounds

Chrysoprase is an apple green stone that may vary to deep green. It is a protective and healing stone that shields you from negative energy. It can be used to speed the healing of any wound. You do not place it on the body but hold it over the affected area. It can also be kept close to your bed to speed healing at night. Holding green stones over open sores, bruises, cuts and any damaged skin can bring about healing. Green Aventurine is one of these stones that have a powerful link to the heart chakra. It cleanses negativity and boosts optimism.



Solves throat problems

The throat chakra is the hub of expression and governs your ability to express yourself openly. Green and light blue stones are associated with the throat and communication. Aquamarine is well known for aiding an unobstructed flow of communication and confidence. Turquoise dispels negative energy and allows clear thinking. It helps to calm the nerves when speaking in public. Green/pink calcite, green malachite, and green agate can all play essential roles in the healing of a sore throat. Amazonite is a green and turquoise-green stone that can be used to treat nervous system disorders, but it also helps with issues with the thyroid gland and the throat.



Eases female reproductive problems

Carnelian can vary in color from a brilliant orange to a deep brownish-red. This stone is believed to relieve PMS, help with period cramps, and regulate the menstrual cycle. It balances, stimulates, and heals the reproductive system. Red carnelian is warming and energizing. It can combat sluggishness and reinvigorate your body and mind. Holding the carnelian in your hand or putting it on your abdomen during your period is helpful. Moonstone is believed to regulate the menstrual cycle and help with infertility. Rose quartz also helps to boost fertility. It balances the emotions and helps to heal emotional wounds and traumas.



Helps with skin problems

Aventurine can help for skin ailments. Submerge the stone in water overnight and use the water to help with conditions such as dandruff, acne, allergies, flaky skin and other skin problems. Soapstone is also beneficial; you can apply it to itchy, red patches. Ointments made from soapstone can relieve sunburn, acne, and allergies. Onyx is another stone that can smooth and soften the skin. Applying onyx water several times a day can also help with inflammation or fungal infections. Rose quartz is another stone that helps with skin conditions. It’s calming, peaceful and loving, helping to heal stress and negative emotions which often exacerbate skin problems.



Relieves arthritis and joint pains

Azurite Malachite is an excellent healing stone for reducing joint pain. It can even slow down the bone loss caused by arthritis. It has a natural anti-inflammatory effect when used on the site of the pain. Fluorite is widely used to alleviate arthritis pain. It is helpful when you have swollen, tender joints. People with rheumatism, arthritis or spinal injury have reported relief from symptoms when using fluorite. Apatite is a blue-green gemstone that nourishes the skeletal system and supports the health of the joints. It maximizes your strength when you are physically exerting yourself. Green Calcite alleviates constriction of muscles and ligaments, relieving arthritic pain.



Helps with eye problems

Aquamarine is one of the stones used by people suffering from eye allergies. Water infused with aquamarine stone is used to flush toxins from the eyes. For those suffering from eye strain, Lapis Lazuli can bring relief. It improves blood circulation and helps to restore health to the eyes. Emerald can also ease eye strain, especially the strain caused by harmful UV rays. When out in the sun all day, carry a chunk of emerald to strengthen your eyes. Tiger Jasper is another stone capable of revitalizing weak or numb optical nerves. This can result in better vision.



Increases your energy

Red and orange crystals have energizing qualities. Carnelian is a great crystal for increasing energy and enthusiasm. On a physical level, it supports the absorption of minerals and vitamins. It facilitates blood supply to body organs and tissues. Red Jasper is indispensable for enhancing circulation, increases stamina and gives an energy boost to your whole system.  Ruby is another powerful energizer that can enhance your stamina, increase your blood flow and give you more energy.   Amber recharges your energy by encouraging a more positive attitude. If you are experiencing emotional overload and your energy is suffering, place amber on your solar plexus.


Ruby is another powerful energizer that can enhance


Lifts your mood

Hematite is known as a ‘stress stone.’ It is often used to help with depression or panic attacks. It helps to keep your mind clear and balances thoughts so that you remain focused. You can carry a stone in your pocket or put it under your pillow at night. Blue lace agate is known for its calming power, encouragement, and support. It is often used for relieving depression and stress. It promotes inner stability. The blue celestite can also help to improve mental clarity and mood. Golden topaz is believed to alleviate depression, and blue topaz can assist in dealing with emotions rationally and calmly.



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