One big step towards good health is good personal hygiene. It is one of the many ways to protect yourself from disease-causing germs and bacteria. Not only will such practices keep you healthy by eliminating potential causes of illness, but they also go a long way to making you feel good about yourself, helping built self-esteem and confidence. Are these practices part of your routine?


1. Bathe Everyday

The body sheds skin constantly, and bathing is a good way to slough off dead cells. Bathing every day can keep skin healthy and illness at bay, not to mention make you feel fresh and clean. Cleaning the body also helps prevents skin blemishes and acne. When you're outdoors and water isn't available, use a clean, wet cloth or sponge for cleaning your body. For hair, many people recommend washing with shampoo every other day and conditioner every day to keep the scalp healthy. Fragrance-free deodorants can eliminate body odor.

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