Mornings can be more enjoyable than you think. If you are a night owl and just the thought of getting up early in the morning makes you tired, it’s time to make some changes to shake up your morning routine. With these few healthy tips, you will be waking up fresh and ready to tackle the challenges of the day.


1. Take a cold shower

If you can’t imagine your morning routine without a long shower, swap your warm stream for a cold one. Stepping out of a hot shower into a cold room will cause your body temperature to drop suddenly and will instantly make you sleepy and tired. Cold showers have the opposite effect – they will leave you alert and energized. They stimulate adrenaline secretion, which will give you a chilly jolt of energy, improve your mood and wake up your metabolism. If that sounds like too much, keep your warm shower routine but finish it with a short cold blast.  You can also start your morning by splashing your face with cool water.


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