The ACL ligament, which is the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee, holds the tibia in place and keeps it from sliding and moving in front of the femur. This ligament can be torn as a result of hyperextension, pivoting and twisting, which are all movements in many sports. As a result, many athletes have unfortunately torn or damaged one or both of their ACLs. This knee injury is also common in women. An ACL tear will make a partial tear or stretch intensely painful.


1. Popping Sound

One common symptom of a tear of the ACL ligament is a popping sound in the middle of your knee at the time of the injury. This is your anterior cruciate ligament breaking in two, or in the case of a partial tear, ripping a little bit. This sound is also linked with the feeling of a rubber band snapping. In some cases, you may snap your posterior and your medial collateral ligaments in the same injury.

ACL tear


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