Many more health-conscious individuals now prefer to use non-standard flours in their baking. One factor is the increasing number of celiac and gluten allergy cases, but there is also a wider awareness of the health advantages non-gluten flours offer. Nigeria in West Africa is one of the main sources of cassava flour. In addition to its healthiness, its lack of a distinctive flavor or an easily identifiable odor is part of its appeal since they make it suitable for all kinds of baking. The similarity with wheat flour is sufficient to allow introducing it partially and gradually into the kitchen in combination with regular flour.


1. Caters for celiac

Celiac is a disease of the digestive system that makes eating gluten products a health danger. One of the ways doctors discover this illness is when patients start to have vomiting, stomach cramps, weight loss and a range of other symptoms traceable to gluten consumption. This condition excludes foods baked with wheat flour from this person's diet. Meal plans need radical changes both to eliminate gluten and to provide sufficient nourishment. Non-gluten cassava flour offers a perfect solution. It enables these people to enjoyed baked goods and gives them the nutrients they need without triggering any health problems.

Caters for the need of celiac sufferers

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