Celery juice is enjoying celebrity status as actors and fitness gurus hail its miracle-working wonders. Tens of thousands of social media posts chime in to raise a glass to this incredible healing tonic-for-whatever-ails-you. The juice reportedly acts as an elixir, curing infertility, skin problems, mental health issues, and even cancer. As popular as this drink has become lately, there is surprisingly little medical research to confirm all the claims about it. Is celery juice worth all the celebration?


1. Why All the Hype About Celery Juice?

Goop contributor Anthony William, who goes by the title "The Medical Medium," maintains that he received insight regarding celery juice from a supernatural source. William has no medical or nutrition training, yet he has acquired a massive following that trusts in his unconventional science. Celebrities, Instagram influencers, and health bloggers have picked up on William's claims and thrust the green sensation into the limelight. When it comes to health trends, our culture seems to be increasingly drawn to novel ideas without checking for facts. Is celery juice just one more example of a passing, unverified trend? A lack of evidence doesn't immediately mean something isn't healthful, and the vegetable does have its benefits.

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