There is no mystery about the focus of low carb diet plans. As their name indicates, they aim to reduce weight by limiting the number of carbohydrates in meals. Bread and pasta are some of the main foods high in carb content, so this diet plan seeks to replace them with green vegetables and other foods that are rich in protein. Some of these diets, for example, the Atkins diet, require total abstinence from foods with carbs. Although low-carb diets have become popular, there is no medical consensus on their effectiveness. Some say that it is better to focus on reducing calories.


1. A way to lose weight quickly

Experience shows that low carb diets enable people to lose weight fast. Most people who start a diet are eager to see the results when they make their regular weight checks. This approach to dieting would be ideal for someone who joins a dieters' club and wants to win the competition for the most weight loss in the shortest time. Many get discouraged when they embark on diets but fail to see any sign of weight loss. The low-carb diet encourages them; it proves they have the willpower to make a radical change in eating habits.

A sensible choice for people who need to lose weight


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