Everyone is familiar with the fast and easy to make meals that cans of beans supply. If you want beans with confirmed health-boosting properties, you need to find something more exotic. Anasazi beans are one of the popular types of healthy bean now available in many natural food outlets. They are recognizable by their red to brown color with white spots. When cooked they become a pinkish color. Anasazi beans were once a key part of the diet of the Native American tribes in the region that now forms the southwestern corner of the USA.


1. A sensible meal for weight watchers

Diets heavily laced with junk foods and a chronic lack of exercise contributes to a situation where many adults, and a growing number of children, need to lose weight. How to have varied but weight-friendly meal plans is one of the many challenges weight watchers confront. Anasazi beans are an excellent menu choice because they are so rich in soluble fiber. This type of fiber satiates the eater so that they can eat a significantly smaller amount but not feel hungry.

Weight watchers should include this in their meal plans anasazi beans


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