Black peppercorns are one of the most common cooking spices, but the many health benefits of black peppercorns may not be common knowledge. Most people think of black peppercorns as an added flavor in the meal they are preparing. Since ancient times, though, black peppercorns have been used for their medicinal properties. It was widely known that this spice had an anti-flatulent property.


1. Peppercorns prevent diseases and promote health

Go ahead and grind more of those black peppercorns onto your salad or entree. Every grind will benefit your body in some way, as peppercorns are known to prevent disease and promote health. A rich variety of phytochemical compounds boost the body's immune system, helping prevent everything from the common cold to infectious disease. Did you know chewing on a black peppercorn will ease sinus congestion?

health black peppercorns

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