The Ornish diet was developed by Ornish Lifestyle Medicine. It focuses on healthy, whole foods such as non-refined grains, good protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. According to the developers, this diet can resolve diabetes, heart disease, and prostate cancer. Studies have shown following the diet can actually change one's genetic makeup, reducing the risk of cancer of the prostate, breast, and colon. The Ornish diet is also an option for those looking to lose weight or eat healthier in general.


1. The Ornish Diet is Based on Natural, Real Foods

According to the Ornish diet's philosophies, all food consumed should be real food. This means no processed foods or added flavor or colorings. People should only consume plants in their natural states, such as unprocessed whole grains, soy and legumes, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Meats should be unprocessed and raised without added hormones.

Ornish diet vegetables

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