Considering today's grocery prices, crab meat is a luxury most people cannot afford. However, rather than give up a tasty seafood treat, many consumers turn to imitation crab meat. Doubters may ask themselves, what is imitation crab meat? Given the name, it should come as no surprise that this food does not contain any crab. Most imitation crab is actually made from pollock or another type of simple white fish. Chances are, if you have ever enjoyed sushi in a Japanese restaurant, you have had imitation crab in some shape or form.


1. Less expensive than the real thing

You do not have to give up your cravings for crab based on budget alone. Imitation crab meat may not be actual crab, but you still get that seafood taste. Most local grocery stores carry this tasty option, and it is much cheaper to buy a few packages of imitation crab than a small container of real crab. If you do not mind knowing you are not actually consuming crab, imitation crab meat can be the perfect alternative.

imitation crab meat

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