I was told when I was a very young child by my grandmother that a person can tell a lot about you by your hands, and that they can often be a person’s first impression of you. I really took this to heart, making sure that my nails were as close to perfection as I could get them, with no annoying hang nails or crooked edges. However, some things that may be going on with our nails may be a bit bigger than having a good manicure or remembering not to peel off your nail polish. Some things may be indications that other more serious things could be going on within our bodies. Let’s take a look at ten indications that we may want to see a doctor.


1. Thick Nails

Most people just assume that hard, thick nails are typically caused by some sort of fungus that has grown deep beneath the bed of the nail, and this can be very true, especially in the toe nails. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of other reasons to see thickened nails when peering down at your hands. One cause of this can be several forms of psoriasis. While it typically manifests on the skin, it may also affect the nails, causing them to be thick and almost rough. Thick, brittle nails can also be a side effect of diabetes.



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