Many people enjoy adding citrus fruits like lemon to their iced tea, but many have heard that adding lemon to plain water can offer some surprising benefits. Lemon-infused water is growing more and more popular, especially within the alternative health community. While lemons are valuable fruits nutritiously and water has amazing properties, some lemon water claims are exaggerated. Others are just flat out false. However, drinking lemon water can still offer valuable health benefits. Here are 10 legitimate health benefits of lemon water.


1. Cut Down on Sugar Intake

Replacing just one daily soft drink with a water flavored with half of a lemon saves you 38 grams of dietary sugar and over 130 calories. The lemon water contains about eight calories and less than one gram of dietary sugar while 10 ounces of apple juice is worth roughly 34 grams of sugar and nearly 150 calories. Choosing lemon water once a day can help you maintain a healthy weight. It can also help decrease blood sugar fluctuation and reduce your risk for future health problems like diabetes.

benefits of lemon water

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