The gut and psychology syndrome or GAPS diet was developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell. Proponents state it can treat a range of disorders from inflammatory bowel disease to autism. This diet is based on the specific carbohydrate diet developed in the 1920s to treat digestive disorders. At its core, GAPS is an elimination diet that requires cutting out refined carbs, grains, starchy vegetables, and pasteurized dairy. The diet is controversial in the medical community and has received a lot of criticism from nutritionists and doctors.


1. Leaky Gut Syndrome

The lining of the bowel is composed of a layer of cells called the mucosal barrier. Its purpose is to absorb nutrients while keeping germs and other potentially dangerous large molecules from passing through the gut and into the body. Leaky gut syndrome occurs when this barrier does not work properly. While some medical professionals do not feel this has a significant impact on health, others believe that leaky gut can explain significant systemic problems.

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