Dumbbells are one of many exercise equipment options for resistance training. They come in a range of weights, and when used properly, can provide a full-body workout. For people who work out in a gym and have access to all types of resistance equipment, dumbbells are most often used as a way to isolate specific muscles, but it's also easy to get a good workout at home with only one or two pairs.


1. Getting Started

If you are new to resistance training, you may choose dumbbells because they seem less intimidating than hefting a barbell or swinging a kettlebell. Dumbbells are a great choice for the beginner lifter, but it is still important to exercise caution. Focus on form when lifting. Ideally, position yourself so you can see your reflection in a mirror. Things often feel much different than they look. Use control when lifting and lowering the weights. One challenge many people face when lifting dumbbells is resisting the urge to use momentum. Focus on feeling your muscles contract as you lift the weight. Look for a good video guide online to make sure you're not developing any bad habits.

woman choosing a dumbbell from a rack


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