Kettlebells are an attractive addition to the home gym for several reasons. They don't take up much room, and the exercises they enable are dynamic enough to provide a cardiovascular workout as well as a strength training one.

Working out with kettlebells is nothing new; they have been part of gym culture since their use by strongmen in the 19th century. Recently, they have become popular in mainstream gym culture, and more and more people are adding them to their home fitness set-up, as well.


1. How Many Kettlebells Do You Need?

One of the benefits of kettlebell workouts is that you don't need a whole range of sizes to get a complete workout. Unlike dumbbells, where you need various sizes to work different body parts effectively, or barbells, which require a stack of weights and a significant workout space, you can achieve a complete workout with a single kettlebell.

Over time, you might want to pick up an additional size or two, but many trainers recommend beginning with a 15 to 20-pound kettlebell for most women, and up to 35 pounds for men. Exercises requiring anything less can likely be done with dumbbells.

Kettlebell on floor. takoburito / Getty Images


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