Using online fitness apps for exercise has never been easier. Whether you want to lift weights, go for a run, or learn the finer points of yoga, there is an app to help. While they don't replace the reliabilityor individualized guidance of a personal trainer, for people who know how to listen to their bodies, they can provide many incentives to keep fit. Some programs even allow downloads, so you can take your workouts with you to the park or on a business trip.

Which app will be best for you depends on the wellness benefits you're hoping to get!


1. Shred

Shred is a popular option for people who work out at home. Daily routines offer plenty of variety. Select from weighted workouts, bodyweight routines, and cardio. Chart your progress with activity logging and interactive visuals. For the socially inclined, there's even a community you can join to cheer each other on.

Try the app for free for one week. After that, Shred costs $12.99 a month.

woman working out at home with a video doing split squats


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