Don't let a lack of equipment stand in the way of getting in shape. Bodyweight exercises build strength, boost cardiovascular fitness, and improve flexibility. Using the body for resistance may seem less challenging than traditional strength training, but as long as you focus on form, you can make significant improvements to your physique and overall health.


1. Pushups

Pushups are great for the chest, shoulders, and the backs of your arms — the triceps. The core also needs to stabilize during the movement, which means the exercise works the abdominal muscles. In fact, pushups are a great choice for strengthening the entire upper body.

Keep the hips level and imagine a straight line running from your head, through your neck, and along your spine. If your back arches or dips when doing a pushup or plank from your toes, pushups from the knees are a less demanding alternative.

If you experience pain in your wrists when performing pushups, try placing two dumbbells on the floor and holding them instead. This can alleviate the pressure on your wrists.

a woman doing pushups on a yoga mat


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