There's no magic bullet for getting in shape fast, but choosing the right exercises can help you maximize your time and effort for great results on a busy schedule. By incorporating into your routine exercises that work multiple muscle groups and adding in some cardio, you maximize the effects of each workout session. Some of these exercises do not require any equipment at all. Most of them are easy to do and can be done just about anywhere.


1. Walking Lunges

Walking lunges are an effective lower body exercise that works the glutes, calves, hamstrings, and core. What makes them different from standard lunges is the forward motion each time, which requires extra balance and stability. Multiple reps over a longer period have cardiovascular benefits, too. Walking lunges are easy to do. They do not require any equipment can be done along any straight stretch of road, track, or kitchen floor.

Walking Lunges Moving PeopleImages / Getty Images


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