About 60 million Americans are runners, and about a quarter of them state that getting enough exercise is the main reason they started. For people who want to run, getting going can be difficult. With every new exercise, the best approach is to start slowly, and work up to more intense sessions. Couch to 5K is a beginner's running program that helps people new to the sport work their way up from being sedentary to running a five kilometers or just over three miles in only nine weeks.


1. How Does Couch to 5K Work?

When starting a new exercise, it is easy to overdo it. New runners often find that they do not know how to begin, which can lead to giving up. Working up to 5 kilometers in just over two months means incorporating simple workouts that advance every week. Because the plan is so structured, it is easy to follow and feels achievable, motivating users to keep going.

New Runner Beginner Betsie Van Der Meer / Getty Images

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