If you mention strength training to the typical man or woman in the street, they will probably assume you are speaking about weight lifting. Even though weights belong in a typical strength-training program, the techniques applied differ from those used in this competitive sport. Strength training is all about strengthening your muscles by compelling them to resist the forces of gravity; this is why some people prefer to call it resistance training. If the program succeeds, you emerge with larger and stronger muscles. The training may focus on increasing your strength or improving muscle hardness. Each of these objectives requires a slightly different approach to the use of weights.


1. Make sure strength training is for you

Even though strength training can contribute so much to improving fitness some people must check with a health professional if it is safe for them to do. For examples, if someone has had a joint replaced or repaired they need to ask their doctor if they can exercise in this way. If you have any doubts about your medical state, always get the situation clarified before starting strength training.

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