2. Don’t Over Do It

Not only do you have to be cautious about putting too much weight on the bar, but you will want to pace your workouts. CrossFit, like any other exercise program, can become addicting. Just because you are eager to get into the best shape of your life does not mean you should rush the process. Remember, quality over quantity when it comes to this routine. If you are a beginner, three classes each week is a great start. After all, you do not want to strain your muscles and wind up with an injury. Even if you do not feel the burn right away, you will in the morning. After a couple of months of this, you will develop overuse injuries. If you feel like you are a little off one day, don’t sweat it! You should never mistake the level intensity for the amount of training you are actually doing. For example, don’t miss a workout session just because you aren’t feeling strong. You do not have to kill it every single time. The intensity and hard work are two separate things, so even taking it slow and steady will win the race of CrossFit!

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