Unfortunately, most of us have had to experience the discomfort of a nosebleed. The sensitive membranes in our nasal cavity's get irritated or dry, and then the blood rushes out of our noses. Nosebleeds aren't any reason for panic, most of the time nosebleeds are an normal reaction to a very dry nasal cavity or a minor scratch inside the nose. However, frequent nosebleeds can be an indicator of another medical condition or illness. Consult your general practitioner immediately if you suffer from frequent nosebleeds.


1. When do Nose Bleeds Require Medical Attention?

You'll find that most of the time a nosebleed doesn't mean you'll need to be rushed to the emergency room or the doctor's office, but there are quite a few circumstances where you'll need to consult a general practitioner. If you've recently experienced an injury to your head or your nose, you'll need to see a doctor as soon as you can. Alternatively, if your nose has been bleeding for longer than 20 minutes, go immediately to see a physician. Also, children who are having reoccurring nosebleeds that aren't associated with the flu, a cold, or other mild irritation need to be seen by a pediatrician without delay.

When do Nose Bleeds Require Medical Attention?


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