For those who frequent online discussion groups about nutrition, the conversation always takes a familiar turn around the subject of weight loss. "Weight loss is easy!" someone will insist. "Just burn more calories than you take in!" That idea is espoused by everyone from doctors to fitness gurus and has recently become popular under a new name: the CICO Diet. It seems logical, but it has proven to be controversial. How do you know if the CICO diet is for you?


1. What Does CICO Stand For?

CICO stands for Calories In/Calories Out. The diet uses the longstanding practice of counting calories, a system many people once found burdensome and difficult to do accurately. However, with a plethora of food-tracking apps available, more people are keeping a closer eye on what they consume during the day, making it much easier to count calories. The CICO diet’s main premise is that if you keep yourself in a calorie deficit, spending more calories than you consume, you are sure to lose weight. For the CICO diet, it doesn't matter what form the calories take, as long as you are spending more than you eat.

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