One way of ensuring the popularity of a trendy diet is for a celebrity to try it out and experience visible weight loss. The story of Adele’s weight transformation made international headlines in 2016, and the dietary plan she allegedly used, the sirtfood diet, followed close in her wake. The creators of this diet claim people will experience significant weight loss over a six-month period. Nutritionists say it may not be the best diet for some people, though others will likely experience weight loss.


1. The Creators of the Sirtfood Diet

In their 2016 book, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten discuss their focus on "activating the skinny gene” through sirtfoods. According to Goggins’ website, he holds a master’s degree in nutritional medicine from the University of Surrey in the UK. He is a proponent of a holistic approach to medicine and nutrition. Matten graduated with the same degree and also trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the UK. According to Matten’s website, he also worked as a research nutritionist. The two teamed up for a previous book, The Health Delusion, published in 2012.

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