2. How Does it Work


Ketosis is a natural process the body uses to turn fat into energy. You're not normally using it, since your body prefers to burn carbs for energy (and to make more fat, if it can), but when you exercise a lot or restrict carbs, your body dips into its fat reserve to keep you going. Sometimes pregnant women wind up in ketosis just going about their daily activities. When your body is doing this, it's preferentially burning fat and unlocking energy that's stored up there.


This has a lot of positive effects. In addition to giving you extra energy, it also makes you feel less hungry and helps you build and maintain muscle mass. If you're exercising to lose weight and build bigger, stronger muscles, ketosis is your friend.


Purefit KETO works by naturally encouraging your body to go into ketosis, but in a safe and controlled way that helps you stay in the fat-burning zone where exercise is most effective. The subtle changes it works when you use this natural supplement can encourage your body to become much more efficient at breaking down layers of fat cells and turning them into the energy you need to work out longer and at a higher level than you're used to.



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