Unless you happen to be familiar with the world of natural cures, you have probably never heard about Epimedium. This is the name of a plant found mostly in China, but you also find that it grows in some other parts of Asia and around the Mediterranean. The shapes of its green flowers give it the alternative name of "Bishop's Hat," but its fame comes from claims about its powerful properties rather than its beauty. Enthusiasts claim that this plant is rich in chemicals with has a number of medical uses, and many of them believe it has aphrodisiacal qualities. Natural product shops stock it in different strengths.


1. Famed as an aphrodisiac

Records from ancient civilizations show their interest and belief in the use of certain plants for aphrodisiacs. These beliefs persist after the passage of thousands of years, and they provide the principal motivation for twenty-first century epimedium buyers. The plant contains a compound known as icariin, and this apparently stimulates desire. While most people who want to use the plant in this way should not experience unpleasant side effects, some groups need to exercise more caution, for example, pregnant women and people who suffer from illnesses with a connection to low blood pressure.


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