Cutting down on that carb intake? If your main focus is building more muscle or maintaining your existing muscle mass? Then, you should focus more on having a high protein intake. As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a high-protein, low-carb breakfast has many benefits. So, not ingesting too many carbs during your breakfast will give you enough room. It will increase your carb intake during the day. This is so because this modification gives you room to have something sweet for energy. Having such a luxury will not only keep you going for the entire period of the day. But it will also not mess with your macros. To give you an idea of how easy it is to compile a good low-carb breakfast and how beneficial it is, we've made a list of the ten most ideal options. We are aware that tastes differ. So, we've decided to compile different recipes and combinations for you. You will have a wider array of options to choose from. Be it eggs, savory yogurt or something else, the basis of each of these meals is a protein rich. Note that every meal containing 20 grams of carbs or even less.


Savory yogurt along with some spices – 17 grams

Adding yogurt to your diet is risky. Sometimes it is hard to find a manufacturer that doesn't add excessive amounts of sugar to their product. Greeks and Europeans do that often, so you should be careful when adding their products to your eating regime. The solution lies in the elusive, but a very useful Middle Eastern way of serving the meal. You can add some extra-virgin olive oil, black pepper and sea salt along with other spices. This will give a savory, tasty meal early in the morning. It's easy to prepare in advance so that you can eat it on your way to work.

low-carb yogurt

Portabella and egg sandwich – 8 grams

Sometimes, people get all caught up in the hassle of everyday chaos, so they don't pay attention to what they eat. The egg and bread sandwich is a hit in American fast food restaurants. But, you can serve it processed. Who knows what kinds of chemicals are present in the mix? To be sure, go for a homemade, healthier alternative. That alternative means exchanging your average muffin for a portabella mushroom cap. They contain almost no carbs, with a good and healthy source of protein. Plus, a change in taste won't rub off.

low-carb egg

Vegan curry scrambled tofu – 13 grams

Not interested in scrambled eggs because of your diet? You can have it vegan. The taste difference of this tofu is nonexistent. Not to mention this version is much healthier and is richer in nutrients. In addition to the existing tofu, the ways to experiment are infinite, and you can do whatever you please. Add some virgin coconut oil and delicious veggies to make your morning ritual a feast. It will alter your entire day, too.

tofu low-carb

Tomatoes, avocado, and goat cheese – 20 grams

Woke up late and have no time for cooking whatsoever? No problem, we have your minute health bomb right here. With this breakfast alternative, you get a minimal amount of carbs with other nutritious ingredients. The best thing is, it takes a minute to cut up everything. Plus, you can also prepare it the night before. The only downside is that goat cheese with good quality may be hard to find nowadays, but it's worth the effort. Sprinkling some black pepper or oregano might just be the deal breaker.

low-carb diet

Vegan breakfast hash – 20 grams

Hash browns are made out of juicy potatoes and are really healthy and beneficial. However, they have a better alternative in organic tofu hash. It's just the ideal choice when you want to drop a nutritious bomb upon your body in the early morning hours. Not to mention you can add all sorts of tasty vegetables to enhance the experience. Besides, the usual suspects like tomatoes or lettuce, avocado have proven itself. It is a worthy addition to healthy and nutritious super breakfast.

low-carb breakfast

Grilled vegetable Greek yogurt in a cup – 20 grams

Yes, you read that right. Most people go the safe route and use fresh fruit with the neutral-tasting Greek yogurt. If you take a harder look, you'll see that the yogurt is an excellent chance to experiment. Grilled vegetables come to mind as they have both rich taste and high nutritious value. Grilled onions, tomatoes and peppers make quite a trio in this combination. You may top them off with some black pepper and extra-virgin olive oil. This might be your ideal breakfast solution.With minimal carbs, of course.

grilled veggies low-carb

Egg salad and tomato bruschetta - 7 grams

We all know the horrors of meal preparation at the last minute. You can solve this conundrum by being more diligent. You can do this by preparing eggs an evening before. That way you won't have to depend on being right on time. Usually, egg salad is best used in lunchtime version. It is so because the protein will give you a good kick that will last the entire day. And who says bruschetta always have to be on slices of bread? Go for a healthier alternative in tomato rounds; you will save yourself excess carbs.

low-carb recipes

Sunny-side up and sausage combo – 3 grams

This is the richest solution on this list when it comes to protein. Preparing a turkey sausage mix is a great last-minute source of protein. The meat is completely healthy and preservative free. Not to mention the thousands of health benefits coming from eggs, both whites and yolks. With only 3 grams of carbohydrates, adding this breakfast solution from time to time is a no brainier. Because it contains so much protein, it's good in the morning after an exhausting evening workout. Try it out.

eggs low-carb

Red pepper, egg and avocado salad – 20 grams

Salads are always fun to eat, not only because they have such important health benefits. When you eat a salad early in the morning, the feeling of freshness will linger during the day. This is especially important when you're working exhausting and long hours. Why not add a deadly protein punch to the mix and improve the salad? With the eggs, you get a healthy and tasty basis of the whole salad. This will make you feel fuller and add protein to your diet. At the same time, it will decrease your weekly carb intake by a large margin.

health low-carb

Low carb oatmeal -16 grams

Oatmeal is a wholesome breakfast. You can easily prepare it by mixing various ingredients that are full of energy. Low carb oatmeal is a blend of coconut milk, flax seeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds. Nothing can beat this instant and energy filled breakfast. To have a great start of the day, make it an essential part of your breakfast. By having the right amount to make you feel full, this oatmeal doesn't have the usual breakfast downside. Most healthy breakfasts do have the health benefits you need but leave you craving for more.

oatmeal low-carb


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