Jalapeno peppers are medium-sized chili peppers that are usually picked early and eaten when green, though may also be found further ripened and red. The flesh of the pepper doesn't contain the heat; rather, the seeds do. The flesh has a subtle flavor similar to that of green bell peppers. Mainly, the heat comes from the high concentration of capsaicin, a compound in the membranes around the seeds. Most kinds of vegetables contain a lot of nutrients. Jalapenos contain a few nutrients but they are especially rich in the nutrients which your body needs. Because of this, the unassuming chili pepper has a lot of health benefits.


1. Contains minerals and antioxidants

Despite its small size, jalapenos provide a lot of potassium. An average jalapeno contains about 150 mg of potassium which is 7% of the amount you need each day. Jalapenos also contain magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese, and copper. All these minerals support the health of red blood cells, the function of the nervous system, and the development of strong bones. Jalapenos also contain vitamin E and a lot of antioxidants. These compounds can eliminate the free radicals which have accumulated in the body. They can also help prevent the development of different types of disease. The fresh peppers are more anti-oxidant rich than the jarred or canned varieties. So if you have the choice, go for the fresh jalapenos.



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