2. Beneficial to Skin

As we get older, our body changes but unfortunately, not for the better. The signs of aging will show on our skin, eyes and almost all areas. But you don't have to take these changes sitting down. A good diet can make your physical appearance look better for longer. Essential antioxidants can provide the support we need to look younger for a little longer. Foods rich in antioxidants should be an integral part of our diet. Gooseberries do have high levels of antioxidants which are excellent for the body's internal health. Premature aging can happen because of free-radicals as they damage our insides and make our outside look older before our time. Eating foods with high antioxidant contents can slow down the action of free radicals. It can prevent or may even reverse aging signs by clearing up wrinkles and other marks of skin aging.

Beneficial to Skin


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