Cantaloupes are very popular fruits, not only in the USA but throughout the world. Its juicy flesh is a great thirst quencher, especially during hot summer days. A cantaloupe can weigh anywhere from half a kilo to as much as 5 kilos! This fruit grows widely in California and Europe. But cantaloupes are indigenous to Africa, India, and Iran. What then are the benefits that make us want to include this succulent food in our diet?


1. Immunity Booster

The fruit is an excellent source of vitamins A and C. It's also rich in phytochemicals and carotene which are useful in combating free radicals. We are all familiar with vitamin C and almost always associate it with fruits. This vitamin is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system. It's also essential in staving-off of disease-causing free radicals. It can also stimulate the production of white blood cells. These are the body's defense team in fighting foreign bodies like viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances. When these dangerous agents gain entry into the bloodstream, they alert the white blood cells. Then the white blood cells will seek these foreigners and destroy them.

Immunity Booster Cantaloupe


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