Buckwheat is a nutrition powerhouse. It is cheap, easy to prepare, and is completely gluten-free because it isn't a grain. It has a few names that it goes by: silver hull buckwheat, Japanese buckwheat, and common buckwheat. The edible part of the plant is the seed which is also called groats. The seed of this plant is related to rhubarb and sorrel. They are packed with vitamins and minerals which help with weight loss, lower cholesterol and prevent blood clots. Buckwheat is high in resistant fiber and tannins (phenolic compounds with astringent properties like those found in tea) which lowers the growth of viral and bacterial infections while promoting vital strains of flora in your gut.


1. Get Your Gut Healthy

Buckwheat has a rich source of bound antioxidants which work in the human gastrointestinal system to aid the growth of compounds like dismutase, glutathione, and superoxide. Over 75 percent of the human immune system is located in the digestive tract making gut health a priority when pursuing health. The flora that is responsive to buckwheat helps the system maintain a healthy balance of probiotic elements which in turn fight many illnesses and ailments. Finding a gut balance can make all the difference when struggling with weight loss. Often, the simple act of re-balancing your gastrointestinal tract can result in measurable changes in health and weight loss.

Get Your Gut Healthy Buckwheat


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