Every day it seems that there is a new nutrition craze. Green smoothies, grains like quinoa that tongue-tie even the most erudite people, and mounds of extracts that are supposed to be magic cures. However, many times the simple staples that are overlooked and taken for granted are often some of the strongest and easiest ways to battle chronic illness and prevent disease. Chestnuts have been cultivated for over 6000 years in China. Europe has been utilizing the mighty chestnut for 3000 years. The chestnut genus has nine species of deciduous trees. These amazing nuts are low in fat and calories while offering four types of beneficial triglycerides. They also provide an entire range of health benefits. Read on to discover why chestnuts should be your go-to snack.


1. Chestnuts Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a serious problem in the United States, nearly 10 percent of United States' citizen suffer from the illness. Battling type 2 diabetes has always involved a low glycemic diet.  A low glycemic diet involves foods that keep the body from experiencing high spikes and severe dips in blood sugar. Chestnuts in all their sweet and savory goodness are an ideal low glycemic food.

Chestnuts Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes


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