Delicious guava is a tropical fruit that is native to parts of South America, Central America, and Mexico. Today, this fruit is cultivated in many parts of the world where it is enjoyed for its sweet taste that some have liked to a cross between pears and strawberries. Guavas are often eaten raw, but this fruit is also made into juice, jams, jellies, and even sauces. Taste aside, the sweet guava is associated with a wide array of health benefits. Rich in nutrients, guava can deliver some nutritional benefits that are associated with disease-fighting power. Get to know this fruit so you can include it as part of your weekly diet.


1. Enhance Your Vision

Guavas are high in vitamin A, so it makes an excellent food to protect vision health. Some people say it goes further than protection and may even have the power to improve vision. If you eat a diet rich in guava, you may be able to keep the development of macular degeneration and cataracts at bay. The fact is, vitamin A is essential for vision health. While other foods like beef liver, cod liver oil, and caviar are rich in vitamin A, they aren’t necessarily as readily available or as sweet and delicious as guava. Snack on this fruit a couple of times a week to enjoy its vision health protections.

Enhance Your Vision Guava


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