Part of the carrot family, fennel is a flowering plant that offers many surprising health benefits that are simply too good to ignore. It is a delightfully aromatic herb that features a swollen, bulb-like base. Easily recognizable, fennel features small yellow flowers and green leather-like leaves when it grows. Fennel has been a favorite part of diets, especially where it grows around the Mediterranean region for thousands of years. If you enjoy this herb, you should include more in your diet to take advantage of its many health benefits. Nutritious and tasty, fennel is a delicious additive to meals that can enhance your health in the following ways.


1. Ward Off Indigestion

With today's modern diet, there are so many foods that can trigger indigestion. To keep your digestive tract running smoothly, it's beneficial to add well-known digestive aids such as fennel to your diet. According to research, it has the power to trigger the production of gastric juices. These juices can reduce pain-causing inflammation associated with indigestion. Researchers also suggest that fennel helps the intestinal tract absorb nutrients from food. Also, if you're suffering from a bout of constipation, fennel can offer relief when you add it to your diet.

Ward Off Indigestion Fennel


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