Most health-conscious people know that the best diets are not carb heavy. Nonetheless, it can be hard to cut bread out of your diet completely. This is where Ezekiel bread enters the picture. You can still get a tasty bread and a lot of nutrition without all the guilt of consuming carbs. In fact, Ezekiel bread has less carbs than average bread at only 80 calories per slice. And it packs a lot of nutrients into that slice. Here are just a few of the many benefits that come from working Ezekiel bread into your diet.


1. It’s a Low Glycemic Index Food

One of the main reasons that people are told to cut bread out of their diet outside of outside health concerns like Celiac, is the fact that wheat is high on the glycemic index. However, Ezekiel bread is made out of sprouted grains and legumes. This makes it a complete source of protein much like milk or eggs. It also offers nine essential amino acids. The end result is that you will feel full from the mix of fiber heavy legumes and grains and still receive a high nutritional benefit.

It’s a Low Glycemic Index Food


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