Barley is a hardy cereal that has coarse bristles extending from the ears. It's widely cultivated, chiefly for use in brewing and stock feed. Its benefits with regards to human consumption have been widely ignored or underestimated. True, we have them in our pantries but do we know what this grain can offer us health-wise? To start with, the grain is low in calories, have high fiber contents, and they contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Hulled barley is even more nutritious because of its bran content. Here are some facts that could shed light on the benefits you can derive from barley. Most important are the amino acids present in the grain which makes it an essential grain for our body. The consumption of whole-grain barley can also help in regulating blood sugar. Consider these essential benefits of the barley grain:


1. Boosts the Immune System

The high nutritional contents of barley can strengthen the body's immune system. This would reduce the occurrence of diseases like flu and colds. The iron content can improve the volume of blood in the body which can prevent anemia and fatigue. Barley compounds also influence the proper functioning of the kidney and the development of body cells. The copper found in the grain is an essential element in hemoglobin formation in red blood cells.

Boosts the Immune System


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